This serves as a confirmation that I, the herein signed artist, agree and understand that the answers that I provide in this questionnaire may form part of my record deal/contract or artists representation contracts or any related contracts with Morgeez Records. 

I have provided the answers, to the best of my knowledge and hereby declare that all information provided by me is honest, relevant and truthful. 

 And that, Morgeez nor any Morgeez associates has not suggested any answers nor intimidated me nor forced me to provide these answers. I hereby agree and permit Morgeez Records to adopt any part of my answer as part of a record deal/artist management contract or any related contract with Morgeez if they deem it fit and necessary..

Finally, I also understand that these questions and answers are not a recording contract or record deal with Morgeez. However, I will be willing to sign a recording contract/deal, artist management or related contract once and if Morgeez is willing to provide one for me after reviewing my answers herein. 

I also understand that this questionnaire and its contents are strictly confidential. And must not be distributed nor shared with third parties or agents, press or anyone whatsoever as breach of confidentiality rules strictly apply.

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