Building A Community of Talent Under One Roof

Benefits of the Morgeez Community Center to talents in music, acting, and other special talent disciplines as it relates to the advancement and growth of their career.

The entertainment industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It encompasses many other industries such as the music industry, theater performances, film and television, and many others including active sports.

For the very specific interest of talent development as pioneers by Morgeez, our focus is hinged on music and the performing arts in general which includes theater, television, and films.

Why Setting Up a Community of Talents?

While everyone can witness the massive growth enjoyed by active sports across all its various disciplines, the music industry and acting world, in particular, suffers major setbacks due to a lack of proper development.

Having outlined the above, this is why Morgeez is keen on building a community dedicated to the development of all talents in music, acting, and all that there is in the performing arts.

Who Are the Targeted Group of Talents at the Morgeez Community?

Specifically, the Morgeez Community Center is a beckon of hope for talents such as music artists, voiceover artists, actors, MCs, comedians, music producers, songwriters, scriptwriters, dancers, makeup artists, and a host of other talents.

This group of talents is welcome to signup to the Morgeez Community with the aim to get any help that will be useful for the advancement of their careers including both free and paid assistance.

Overall Benefit of the Morgeez Community Center

According to the community slogan, “Unity is Power”,  so, also is #knowledgeispower. Hence the benefit of the center to all its members is immeasurable. Prominent and among the many other benefits are:

  1. Build and enhance your industry knowledge as it relates to your specific genre
  2. Connect and learn from experienced talented performers. producers and contents creators
  3. Join Groups of similar interest and share ideas openly or privately
  4. Showcase your talent and skills, and most importantly, showcase your entire portfolio of projects for better opportunities.
  5. You are able to ask open questions at the Community Forum and our team of experts is always willing to assist you anytime with the right answers.

The above are just some of the very many benefits of the Morgeez Community that will help the music artists and other talents find their dreams become more realistically attainable.


Christopher Odiley is a passionate man when it comes to the business of music. Having moved to Johannesburg, some 20 years ago, Mr. Christopher have never been doing nothing else but in the music business.

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