Contact Us Anytime

Before contacting admin at the Morgeez Community Center, please ensure

you have chatted with us in the community by sending us a private message.

SSecondly, be sure that you have posted your topics in the Community Forum

Morgeez Support Desk

After carrying out the necessary steps above, you may now visit the Morgeez official contact center. Where you will have to sign in and submit a support ticket.

A community will be made of people with liked-minds.

Who sees themselves as close relatives,

looking out for the interest of one another.

The Morgeez HQ, Johannesburg

You can book appointment at the Morgeez Support Desk to visit the Morgeez Headquarter offices and studios in Johannesburg, South Africa

Lets Keep In Touch

After taking the above necessary steps to reach us and get faster help, if there’s urgent need to speak to us, use the below details.

Now lets have a one on one conversation like the family we are.

+27-73-371-7802 or +27-68-250-3629