Criteria for Music Producer Contest

Music is a very vast industry and producers and production trends follows this vast patterns as well. Not to forget it’s ever changing nature. Hence the music producers contest criteria will guide you to understand what we are looking for. Since we are very specific about the types of producers we are able to work with in the hip hop rap and trap music industry.

Having said this though, we recommend you put the below criteria into priority for considerations if you are entering the Morgeez Music Producer Contest:

1. Creativity
2. Originally
3. Software capabilities
4. Final Mixing competency
5. Gift of Collaborations

Type of Producers

Morgeez Records, is a company founded on passion, dedication, creativity and Talent. Hence our producers will be expected to have these kinds of qualities.

With the above in mind, we are now creating this opportunity for producers with the below capabilities:
1. Extensive knowledge of keyboard with experience as a player.
2. Extensive knowledge of the recording Studios environment
3. Extensive knowledge of vocals or voices recording
4. Extensive knowledge of vocals or voices treatment and professional mixing
5. Extensive knowledge of beats creation, melodic instruments and effects manipulation
6. Extensive knowledge of pre production setups and arrangements
7. Ability to produce radio quality and commercial retail music tracks from beginning to finish.

What Genres of music?

All producers applying to this contest should bear in mind their maximum capabilities and talents in the production of:
1. Commercial hip hop music in general
2. Trap Music
3. Commercial Rap music
4. Hardcore Rap or any kind of rap music
5. Trendy street culture beats and music that focuses on hip hop and rap as bottom-line.

Now that you know what we looking for at the Morgeez Music Producer Contest, you can now take action by obtaining your ticket here.


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