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Aug 20 2022


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Talent Development

Artist Pitch – Indie Artists Performance Showcase

Artists Pitch is a special event designed for the showcasing of talents and their performance techniques. The Morgeez Artist Pitch will be the one of a kind spot where independent artists just show up and perform. This is a providing the independent artist opportunity to fully exercise their right to performance and most of all, an opportunity to better themselves to full potential when it comes to performances.

Which Artists are Welcomed at Artist Pitch?

The program is open to talented musicians across multiple genres. However, artists are expected to be the ones with great degree of buzz already. These are the ones with tremendous social media buzz with fans that can see and appreciate their performances.

This is a promotional platform for artists to showcase their performance prowess so every artists showing up has what it takes or perhaps has devised a proper performance techniques that is worth showcasing to the world.

Is there are Fee for Artists to Participate?

No. Absolutely Zero Fees for Artists to take part in the special performance showcase program. Just have great music and great showcase able performance, and you are automatically qualified.

How does Artists Enroll or Register to To Take Part?

If you are a musician that meet the above described criteria, simply register for Support at the Morgeez Manager Desk , then send us a support ticket indicating your interest in taking part at the Morgeez Artists Performance Pitch. Then we will advise the next step to get you in. Remember, its absolutely free of charge for you to enter.

Are Spectators Allowed at the Morgeez Artist Performance Pitch?

Sure, because talent is meant to be shared, cherished, enjoy and entertain, spectators are fully welcomed. For a small fee, spectators can get up close and personal with the indie artists they so much love. Enjoy their music and meet them one on one. This is a platform for building relationship with the artist, the fans and enhancing productivity within the indie music space.

Instant Benefit to Artists?

Once you performed at the Morgeez Artist Pitch Project, it means you have a brighter future ahead an artist, since you will have the opportunity for delivering a well:

  • directed and recorded performances that will be streamed worldwide on the Morgeez platforms and across the internet including social media platforms.
  • You will have the rare opportunity of enlisting into the Morgeez Booking Agency for special performances opportunities that could be both for promotional and rewarding performances.
  • You will be able to show the world what kind of artist you are and demonstrate right on stage in front of the camera, what kind of artist you are and your performance capability that could attract more commercial bookings.

Enough said at the moment. Simply Register for Support to participate an request more information if necessary.


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