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May 11 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Music Producers Contest

Music Producers contest is designed for creative beatmakers and full-time music producers. If you are a producer with all the ingredients to make hit records, here is your opportunity to showcase your talent and win big. Most importantly, find a home at Morgeez Records.

What is a Music Producer Contest?

Let me give you a brief insight into what the music producer contest is all about.  I know it sounds strange, right? “Producer contest”. Yes! never heard of it before right? or not heard quite often? The Morgeez Producer contest is an avenue for scouting young, talented, and creative music producers for Morgeez Records as resident producers.

The music producer’s contest is as highly important as the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale series where we scout the artists. The process will be carried out in a strict competition format where winners will emerge.

How will the Music Producers Contest be Conducted?

Producers will first and foremost enter the competition by obtaining their entry tickets. This is very important to curb chancers and unserious individuals who take everything as jokes or opportunities to waste others’ precious time. Thereby, making a mockery of such precious situations.

Once you have secured your tickets, we will then send you a special music tracks submission form. You will then use this form to submit up to 10 tracks for our judges to review.

After the review process, we will then select 4 tracks. These four tracks selected are not to be used for anything other than for contest purposes only. Once that is done, you have now been officially entered into the process.

Now, you have been granted entry, on the first competition day, we will then interview you based on the selected four tracks. The format of the interview will not be devolved for the right of exclusivity. However, all producers entrants into the competition will have this exclusive information.

Basic Criteria for entry into the Music Producer Contest

The music production profession is a dynamic one in tis modern era. For fact that commercial music changes rapidly. In a competition where talent, skills merges to perform hit records, we are therefore looking for certain features in a music producer. So the below items are highly considered as entry criteria:

  1. Contesting music producers must be between the ages of 18 to 30 years old
  2. Gender: any gender
  3. Make quality beats
  4. Arrange, and perform music mixes

Having learned about the contest process in detail, now let’s move to the next crucial information piece which is, what’s the prize?

For further inquiry about the Morgeez Music Producers Contest, kindly visit the Morgeez Support desk


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