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May 21 - 29 2022


10:00 am - 4:00 pm





Talent Auditions | Casting for Representation

Morgeez is Talent Agency is auditions talents for various roles in TV Commercials, Movies, Dramas, Theater, and Commercial Photography shoots.

This casting aimed at scouting the best talents in the country is simply tagged: “Casting for Representation”.


This is an open talent audition process. Whereby, selected or chosen talents due to their impressive performances will be admitted into Morgeez Talent Agency for professional Representation.

  1. This casting was initiated according to the influx of requests to join Morgeez Talent Agency and Artist Management as sent to us by the talents themselves.
  2. For the growing need of clients that request increasing numbers of talents from Morgeez Talent Agency.
  3. To meet the growing demand of talents for bookings as the industry opens up with more opportunities.

Who Should Apply to this Audition?

Who are we looking for at Morgeez Talent Agency? The answer is very simple. Morgeez Talent Agency and Artist Management are interested in working with great talents. No compromise when it comes to quality and ability of talents. We want the best, extraordinary talents that can take the world by storm.

  • Music Artists
  • Actors
  • Voiceover Artists
  • DJs
  • MCs
  • Comedians
  • Models
  • Dancers
  • Other Entertainers

Gender is not a problem and age is not even an issue as talent knows no boundary. Every talent is welcome irrespective of background.

Character BreakDowns:

Because this casting is open, we are as well open to a series of talents including:

Comedians Actors, Models, Voiceover Artists, MCs, Presenters, Dancers, Vocalists, and others.

Wardrobe to Auditions:

The wardrobe for this casting is a straight-up urban look. This means that talents are to be representative of their activities in the best professional form. This means, for example, if you are a ROCK Music Star, simply look the part.

Whatever role you are playing in any of the artform mentioned above, look at the part. You have the freedom to show up with the best possible wardrobe that represents your art form and that is more expressive of your performances.

Come with at least, 3x different sets of wardrobe for our casting director to choose what’s more appropriate both on camera and enhancing your performances.

Other Materials:

  1. If you are a musician, you need to present your original recorded tracks, music videos, or performance videos
  2. If you are an actor, have your showreel ready as well. But if you do not have a showreel and Z-Card, you can also attend.
  3. If you are a voiceover artist, MC, comedian or dancer, you may also have your performance materials ready.

Although the above items are crucial to adding value to your talent and convincing our casting directors. But they are optional at this stage. You may show up with your confidence intact without them to come and perform at the audition.

Fees Structure:

This casting is the gateway to a serious and long-lasting partnership between you the talent, and Morgeez Talent Agency, so we do not charge you for casting and auditioning you, and you do not get paid for auditioning.


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