Morgeez is passionate about working with all shades of talents from musicians to actors. If you are here as a music, whether you are a newbie, relatively popular or even a veteran, use the forms below as it relates to your need or scroll down to contact us.

  1. Artist Management Application Form – Questionaire Form for Musicians
  2. For Radio Submission for playlisting at Morgeez Radio.
  3. Submit music for distribution, artist management and administration click here
  4. For Press Release and Stories Publications on Morgeez Magazine, click here
  5. Artists Biography Publication Submission Form
  6. Actors, Models, Voiceover Artists, Athletes and other talents profile submission form
  7. Check out our Music Submission Guidelines
  8. Checkout our Music Contracts relating to the Artist.

Join the Morgeez Talents Development Program

Every talent needs a mentor. Every talent needs development to reach full potential. Join one of our Talent Development Programs today and set yourself on the part of greatness. Learn more below:

Option 1: Artists Development Program

Option 2: Production Skills Development Program

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