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    Hy All, do not hesitate to let us know if you need professional PR for your brand, or as an artist


    Yes myself I do need one, it’s difficult as an indie doing everything on your own


    Would you mind share with me some of the measures or processes that you have taken so far when it comes to Artist PR?


    Yes I did try to propose to few companies and I managed to speak with 2 companies like Aquinas Music in Joburg they wanted an amount of R35000 in cash and i wished I had the money since all I want is my talent to nourish but unfortunately I don’t have any financial stability at the moment, Then I approached Music Vikings in Pretoria they wanted 25% steak of my royalties and live performances which I didn’t have any problem but they are still new to the industry and small with no connection, yes the owner’s vision is big but his connection is still lacking. So from there I searched from internet and I found Morgeez Community which is you of course and I subscribed to you with a hope maybe something will come up but I am open for whatever negotiations or deal, Believe me I nearly signed with Ambitious Entertainment but after Intaba yase Dubai and Big Zulu saga I then backedoff. I’m now trying to propose some other big artists stream team to join them. But eish to be honest it’s being tough and thorny, my streaming on Spotify is very very poor, But I just keep on only in good times. I now always keep on feeding my social pages, perform free on local clubs lineup just to grow my brand as an artist, also doing radio tours on all local community radios.


    Thanks for sharing. Awesome! This is helpful for now.
    The best way to start is through the Morgeez Music Consulting Session. This is a professional one on one meeting (virtually or in-person) where we can discuss your career journey in detail. Including your vision, hopes and aspiration. In this meeting, we will be able to provide professional advise and ways forward.

    After this, will be able to determine the best ways to approach you music career, how we will help, and timeline of to do list.
    Now, all you have to do is to Book that consulting session at the Morgeez Manager Desk. Here’s link below:
    choose Career Guidance for “Musicians”

    Once you are done, we can setup the asap.


    Greetings I struggle to find Morgeez Manager desk to choose career guidance on this site


    Do I find it under forum or general forum?


    Here’s the link to Career Guidance option on the Morgeez Manager Desk


    Click here

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