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This is where we are building a community of real talented groups of individuals in the performing arts industry. Majoring in music, drama and all forms of cultural talent.

Who can Join the Community

This community is a meeting pot of special talents such as music artists, voiceover actors, models, actors, comedians, DJs, MCs, dancers, singers and others in the creative realms such as writers, producers, directors and more.


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Connect with other members if interset to your career, send invites and accept others invites and build your network.

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We have added the special community FORUM section where members can post topics and ask relevant questions. Make use of it.

Why Join the Community​

This is the interaction spot for Morgeez Media, Morgeez Records, Morgeez Mentorship and Morgeez Talent Agency. From here, we are able to address all issues you might have with talent management, talent development, mentorship and general music business or performing arts knowledge you might require.

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Chat with the Morgeez Admin directly. A rare opportunity to have one on one chat with with our experts.

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Knowledge is Power. Opportunity for you to have a better knowledge of how the music and acting really works

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The Community in Brief

This community is borne out of our desire at Morgeez to share expert knowledge of the music industry and the including the performing arts industry in general. We will be able to attend to you more quickly and more professionally at the community forum.