How Parents Can Support Their Children Music Career

Music career choice had often tear the family apart especially when it comes to parents and their children. Just the thought of children getting involved in the music industry, drives some parents crazy. The main reason behind this friction of parents on their children music career choice is quite unclear but report has it that the altitude of both past and present musicians contributes immensely to this.

The reason for touching on this subject is not to castigate any musician or character of musicians nor even attempt to dwell on the negatives that betides the music industry most times. That can be a matter of critical assessment and expo’ of the negative postures of some of these popular musicians in a very different piece on another very good day. In the meantime, this is about trying to help parents understand the music industry and how they can be involved with their children if the choice happens.

Behind the Scene and Front of the Camera

Unlike other career path such as doctor, engineers, teachers etc, the music industry boast of enormous and extensive opportunities. As a matter of fact, if one take a closer look at the music industry, it appears to be one of the largest industry in the world when you think of the various segments it houses. Simply for the fact that music is like, water, should actually give one a clue of how vast this industry is. Having said that, it will be quite fascinating if parents would take their time to research the industry to acquaint themselves of the vast job and business opportunities that are available to their children should they fully back their dreams.

What Parents Should Do to Play Along with Their Children Music Career Choice

The music career choice of children has not being treated with kids gloves unlike the careers of other children who has chosen other career paths. Lets even take for instance, at primary or high school level, children who opt to play soccer and other sports are mostly held to high esteem as oppose to kids in music. I tell you why, parents of kids in soccer, karate, swimming etc would always buy required materials such as soccer balls, swimming kits and more. Meanwhile, kids in music would be left almost to fend for themselves alone when it comes to sourcing practice guitars, practice drum sets, microphones and even voice grooming coaches are not available.

So, in this scenario, what should parents do to assist their Children interested in music?

This is a very simple question to answer but it will depend on your mindset as a parent. Mindset because, in as much as we witness the nonchalant altitude of most parent, there are also a handful worldwide who has taken their children’s music career very seriously and in most cases those ones are successful. In other words, parents should take their children music career seriously and provide the same amount of support they would provide to kids in soccer, medicine, ballet, gymnastics, track & field, golf, cricket, football etc.

How should parents fully participate and support their children music career?
Firstly, after realizing their children’s love for music, the next step will be to show such kids that they (parents) are fully in support. Your level of support to your kids music career can be demonstrated to them in so many ways such as:

  1. Appreciate their singing voices
  2. Appreciate their drums or guitar or piano playing skills.
  3. Praise them for being so talented and in-fact, promise them you fully support them.
  4. Ask about when the next school music contest and school performances will be?
  5. On your own as a parent, find some places where they can take extramural music classes on weekends outside of school duties
  6. Take them to and fro these classes. If possible, do not only just drive them there, you can sit and wait around for them in the car. Show them you are committed to their musical dreams desire.
  7. Try your best to buy them their first guitar, piano or any musical instrument they are passionate about playing.
  8. Always ask them to practice and perform in front of you at home especially in the evening before dinner is ready or after.
  9. Research some local competitions and get them registered even before they know it. Surprise them by revealing the entry ticket for them to compete after you have done the registration.
  10. Get the required costumes to perform at these competitions. You may not have to go for expensive kits but focus on style and image to build their morals and self-esteems.
  11. Before any competition, wish them good-luck and if possible hold their hand and say a very short prayer with them, then pat them at the back before they join teammates or queue.
  12. After competition, congratulate them for their participation most importantly even before their overall performance result.
  13. Encourage them to watch related career videos and buy such videos or teaching programs to get them motivated and keep in tune.

Music, just like any other career path, needs 100% support of parents or guardians. The success of any career would probably depends on how much work is put in. Bottom-line is that once parent start taking the music career of their children more seriously, then, we will have a more responsible music industry. We do appreciate your comments and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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