How to Apply to an Agency as a Model

You are a model, or an aspiring model per se’ and you have decided to take your modeling career seriously. What would be your first line of action? What would you do to try get yourself into an industry that you are so much passionate about? Who are the first set of people or firms you would like to turn to for some initial advise? These are Seemingly easy questions to meditate about but are the most crucial ones to get right from the very time you had decided to take your passion up and turn it into a career.

As a talent scout and manager for many years, I often get asked, how can I join your agency? What are the requirement? The most common question among the newbies is usually, can you help me achieve my dream of becoming a model? LOL. Yes I can of course!

The basics of how to join a model agency

The basics of joining a model agencyOkay without touching on the perceptions of these newbies through my findings, am just gonna delve into how to apply to an agency for representation. Oh! before we proceed, it is quite important to understand what type of a model or which category of the modeling industry you actually fits into? This very question should, well be answered by yourself even before approaching any talent agency.

Agencies always feels that before you get in contact with them, you had an idea of what is required of you as a talent and you shouldn’t be asking questions like, what do I need to join you? How can I join you guys? Can you guys help me? Quite frankly, you surely have the right to ask questions but most professionals wouldn’t have time to answer such questions. And again, they are also right because, they are not modeling schools or academies. So if you wanna go ahead to apply to any talent agency, try as much as you can to have a proper:

  1. Resume
  2. Portfolio Album
  3. A copy of your biography would help as well; because your resume may not have all information about you.
  4. Video clips of yourself doing your thing. This is often regarded as a show reel.
  5. Have a minimum joining fees as most agencies requires this to get you admitted and processing of your submitted materials into their database as one of their models. This is often referred to as administration fees. In a world where nothing is for free, it is only vital for aspiring models to adhere to this principles.

Some model agency or talent agencies, offers quick classes. If you have no experience as yet, it is only reasonable for you to ask your agency if they have such classes. And if they do, the very first step is to apply or subscribe to their training even before becoming a member of the agency. I shall be touching on why you need some quick training before joining a model agency in future articles. Watch out!.

This is a quick overview of what you need to do to be happily and fully accepted into a modeling agency as one of their talent. You can click here to start your process of joining Morgeez Talent Agency today.

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