How to Standout as an Artist With Own Unique Identity

Standing out as an artist is not negotiable. If you are an artist, know that the success of your music career might just depends on your ability to create a perfect and unique image that befits your. An image that looks like nor sounds like no body else. That’s what we are looking at right now. I identity is very key to the career of a musician or any creative for that mater. So in the process of trying to sort out how you can standout as an artist, we will begin by dealing with the identity issue.

What is identity?

According to my definition based on my observations, Identity can be defined as your core talents, your natural characteristic behavior that affects every aspect of your being.

But besides that kind of spiritual-like definition, Identity also poses as your unique physical appearance or look. The features that you possesses naturally, are strictly unique to you. It is an open nature secret that there’s no 2-of-a- kind of human beings. Hence the way you talk, the way you sing, rap, dance and move are unique to you only. “You are the identification of yourself”.

How do I find my identity?

Thinking deep. Look into yourself. You will find your Identity. Hahaha… Please forgive my idiomatic expressions. Alright! Looking and thinking deep can simply means couple of things eg.

  • Reminisce on childhood, the path through adolescent to juvenile to young teen, what was your state of mind at that time, what were the things that makes you happy and made you sad?
  • Who were your childhood friends and what are traits made them your friends and companions?
  • What kind of sport you loved?
  • What kind of music, were you drawn to in the very early stage of your music listening ears?
  • What were your overall passion in life, educational, extra murals etc.


If your can take a look back into these things, that you started life with, You will be shocked that at your lonely space, Where lights are off and you are locked in the dark shadow of yourself, You will find that all of these things you grew up with, are still there in you. The traits will reveal ourselves to you in all ramifications.

And these traits are the clear signs of your identity in practice. They could be positive or negative and they are both in most cases.

Why do I need to walk this part of Identity in my career?

This is where your unique selling point lies. Your unique selling point as an person, is what make you an artist. And when people are looking forward to attend your concert, buy your music products, buy your merchandise products, the only thing at the back of their mind is that your uniqueness that draws them to you like a magnet. That is your Identity that they are spending their time and money on.

In other to get a bit more specific on this question correctly or nearly at least. Have a look at yourself from the inside of you like nobody knows you but you.

Check, if you really:

  • have enough of musical talent to sustain you for how much period of time? In other words,
  • how many albums or tracks do you think you can still put out there in your own unique style?
  • How relevant to times do you think your identity can still carry going forward?
  • How is your body reaction to active performance?
  • How well do you know and carry your audience along?


If you realize these as an artist, or as a talent, you will only know that you are a unique product that has a unique market and you do not really need to imitate anyone, nor any trend cuz you are trend yourself.

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