Importance of Education in a Music Career

Education is no doubt the base for civilization. And the reasons why music artists should get education cannot be over emphasized.

Civilization is way beyond the ability to use social media, flash the jewelries and the cars. The cribs and the babes. In very recent times, the life we living has being split into two. One is the virtual and the other is reality. The most difficult part of it all is that one cannot easily differentiate which one of it you are mostly attached. If we take a critical look at the music industry, one will find out that it is a highly crafty industry with prerequisite for strong educational background.

Ignorant they said is not an excuse and this is fact. When one think of the clashes and backlashes between artists and record labels over the years, there’s definitely no excuses for minimum level of education not to be required. From the setting up and running of the business side of the music industry, over the years, I have realized that without a minimum education, one will be “lost in the game”. The music business point of view, reveals a highly water-tight industry that is so much enlighten as any of the other highly professional industries in the world. Music business is surely on the side that requires, not only basic knowledge but also advanced business knowledge.

Now, when you flip the coin to the other side of music, which is the production side, even more education is required at nearly all level from composition, to recording, mixing and mastering and again, within the production itself, lies business. And all of the facet of this production department, will require minimum education to run properly. If you take a look at the music business and job opportunities in the music industry, there will be no need for artists to remain uneducated. Furthermore, here are some of the crucial reasons why music artists should get education to better place them in the day to day running of their businesses.

Here are Some of The Reasons Why Music Artists Should Get Education

  1. Music Contracts
    The music industry, from beginning to the end of it; that is, from production in studio to publishing. From creative concept to creation, is laced with processes and processes that requires various kinds of agreements and contracts. Policies and terms etc. Just for this reason only, a musician needs to be able to read, write, study and understand all these various types of contracts and agreements. Your lawyers are there to read and explain contracts to you. But those who are able to read and write with understanding of agreements, are able to make informed business decisions and able to negotiate the terms of their agreements before even getting themselves involved.

  2. Polishing Your Skills
    There’s a saying that “talent alone is not enough” and I honestly believes this. This simply means that, when you have the talent to develop melodies and rhythms in the various musical genres, you will surely need some form of education to get them polished. By this I mean, you will be able to write your words and properly place them as lyrical contents in order of musical compositions. Your ability to read musical cords or express your musical in professional graphs as industry requires is an added advantage in your career.

  3. Character Building
    Education by its original motives, is character building. In this sense, when you had acquired some minimum level of education, preferably, high school level upwards, you have already achieved some level of character as a young man or woman. After a thorough research of the human character, at least with a high school educational background, your massive natural talent, you are set to go as far as you want to in the music industry.

  4. Finance and Assets Management
    I believe this one will interest almost everyone. We have seen very many high school or college dropouts who are wealthy people all around the world who are millionaires and billionaires such as Jay Z. There’s no question or doubt about it. But at the same-time, we all know the dilemma of financial misappropriation often tied to musicians across the board. We do applaud the efforts some of the very few musicians who had managed their artistic incomes to include investments in major businesses. Reality is that a minimum High School level education, will properly position you in a better place to understand how money really works, how to avoid financial mismanagement and be more prudent. You are not expected to be a professional finance and assets manager but with you educational match-up to your talent, you will be able to understand the experts who manages your estate better.

  5. Expanding Your Territories
    The idea of expanding a business territory has become very crucial in this modern times as the world keep turning around and changing faces and colors like the chameleon. As more and more musicians are buying into different businesses, it is only very crucial for us to highlight the importance of education in meeting with the challenges of the many business dealings ahead. Having the wisdom to control your finance and assets already, you are then exposed to the opportunities of extending and expanding your business ventures. And only a minimum high school education can be helpful in this regard.

  6. Re-Establishing Yourself
    Just like any business, in any industry, people with basic and Higher School level education has more knowledge of how to bounce back should anything goes wrong. We all know nothing is static in the business world and most of all, music career is no different. Its a known fact that your career as a musician is as short is the career of any other sport discipline. So having the ability to device plan-B in a situation where recording deals or recording contracts are over, concerts are no-more coming through as expected, then you have something-else to depend on. This is a mindset that little bit of educational background helps you achieve.

Well, the list of reasons why musicians should compulsorily have some minimum education is quite alot. The list can go on and on. Depending where you are and where you expect to reach in your career goals, the choice is definitely up to you as an individual. 

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