Opportunity for Free Radio Interview for Artists

This is a special announcement to all urban musicians including hip-hop, rnb, afro beats, amapiano, rap music and other urban artists to make urgent submissions for considerations to be included in the Morgeez Radom Radio Interview program.

This program is a special offering by Morgeez Radio as a contribution to the career of independent artists worldwide as this is a global opportunity call. Wherever you are in the world, as long your music is urban, you are invited.

What is the Artists requirement for consideration?

Basically, there are no stringent strings attached to this offering. The artist only needs to have their polished talents intact. The main thing though, mediocrity is not and will never be an option. Artists with a strong showing and perhaps with a more universal appeal are welcome to make their submissions to the Morgeez Random Radio Interview Program

List of requirement:

  1. Music must be listed on the Morgeez Music Streaming and Distribution Platform
  2. Artist must have acquire our music distribution plan which makes your music listing for both distribution and promotion possible. Click here to get started.
  3. Secure a music promotion package once you get these packages locked. Then we are good to go.

Submissions Criteria for Radio Interview

There are no stringent rules to be chosen or randomly selected as one of the Morgeez Radio Featured Artists to benefit from the Morgeez Random Radio Interviews program. However, artists are advised to have the below key career points in mind when deciding to make their music submissions.

  1. Every music artist is expected to have their original music recorded. Preferably an EP or Album released within the past 6 month to date. Or a promotional Single that he or she is vigorously pushing at the moment.
  2. artists are expected to have their recordings mastered enough for radio quality. This is paramount as the quality of sound cannot be compromised. Please see the music submission brief on this link.

What Happens After Music Submissions

After you have completed the above criteria, we will send you a special music submission link. Morgeez will review your submissions and contact you to discuss your radio interview. And we will make arrangements for possibilities as soonest as possible.

If you have any questions, please do submit them on the community forum.


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