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The Mor’geez Talent Search is born out of the passion for an industry that we love so much and proud to be part thereof. The Morgeez Talent search will be an on-going annual event as a platform for talented young rappers, vocalists, beats makers, and dancers to meet and compete fiercely for ultimate grand prices including securing record deals, international representation, management deal and all other music industry related opportunities.

The Morgeez Talent Search Johannesburg | Inside Out

The Morgeez Talent Search is a one of a kind talent show that aims to contributes to the development of musical talents especially with main focus on r&b and hip hop music in the African Continent. A gathering of the undiscovered musicians

Our talent search show will be a breathing ground for all up and coming artists. As part of our contribution to the music industry, all our talent search entries are free to all contestants.

PERSPECTIVE on the Morgeez Talent Search

The Morgeez Talent Search will be a year on year Musical Talent Auditions. A once in a lifetime opportunity to grab the elusive record deals that every artists long for.

Unlike Sport and other talent divisions, musical talent is the only talent that has no formal events on the state official events calender’s. To this effect, Mor’geez Records has come to the aid of the young musician who rarely has anywhere to turn in times of needs.


The Mor’geez Records Talent Search is aimed to discovering the artists from the very beginning of their career. Artists or talents with the breathing fire to take on the world of music.

This is where Morgeez is different from the rest as a record label. We will discover, groom and get you signed to Mor’geez Records for the greatest opportunities of recording, releasing and distributing your works.


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The Morgeez Community Center for Talents is a portal dedicated to the scouting, development, and promotion of talents for various opportunities.

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