List of Job Opportunities in Music Industry 2021

Job Opportunities in Music Business and the music industry at large are on the rise as many independent labels are springing up. Most of all indie investments in the music industry are on the rise in 2021 as compared to the past. The list is almost endless as we all know that music is like water. A commodity that is everywhere in all spheres of our lives. In this piece, which is a follow-up on the Act of Self Dependent article, we try the best we can to bring to your attention or knowledge, the various business opportunities or Job Opportunities in Music Business that are available in the music industry.

A quick look at the various business opportunities in the sector will show you where you can possibly fit in no matter your level of business IQ.

List of Job Opportunities in Music Business 2021

Record Producer: also known as Producer, Music Producer

Job Description: 
The record Producer’s main job is to make special arrangements for music production to take place. He or she must be talented in this regard as he is to guide the production of a record by coaching the musicians, advising in preproduction sessions, and directing the in-studio recording and production process.

Remuneration Outlook:
A Music Producer can bag between: $25,000 to $1,000,000+ per annum depending on which side of the World you operate in.

Recording Engineer
or Audio Engineer

Job Description: 
Recording or audio engineering is a mostly technical and highly professional job. In fact it’s one of the most highly sensitive and professional disciplines of the music industry jobs. A Recording Engineer operates and sets up the recording equipment used to capture and shape the sound of an album. Must have both hardware and software application skills and the required knowledge to deliver a commercial quality music album.

Remuneration Outlook:
Salary: $25,000-$150,000+ per annum

A & R Coordinator
Also Known as A&R Representative, A&R Rep, A&R Staffer

Job Description: 
This is quite an interesting job opportunity in the music industry. The A&R Coordinator is tasked with the responsibility of finding new talents for a record label. As part of his other duties, to initiates talent development programs that will see all discovered talents are properly developed to become professional musicians. The A & R also oversees the entire production to the completion of new albums.

Remuneration Outlook:
$27,000 to $85,000+

A & R Administrator or A&R Administration Representative

Job Description: 
Tasked with the responsibility of Negotiating terms of contracts with artists and securing rights to original compositions or songs, masters tracks, delivers songs to DSPs, and ensures projects are under budget to avoid unnecessary or wasteful expenditures associated with artists’ musical projects..

Remuneration Outlook:
$25,000 to $65,000

Personal Manager or Artists Representative, Manager, Band Manager

Job Description: 
The artist’s personal manager can be referred to as the lifeline of the artist. He or she works with artists on a closer relationship level that resembles that of brothers or sisters. Steering the artist’s career in the right professional direction. Core duties include artist representation, marketing strategies, and help with merchandising and sponsorships.

Salary Range: Between 10% to 20% of an artist’s gross earnings.

Program Director (PD)

Job Description: 
The Program Director manages and schedules radio station programming, and oversees the station’s various departments and staff. Main duties include arrangement and supervision of all radio programming to ensure professional and effective deliveries of scheduled programs on a daily basis.

Remuneration Outlook:
 $27,000 to $100,000+ per annum

Music Director (MD) or Radio Music Director, M.D.

Job Description: 
As the name implies, a radio station’s Music Director chooses songs for airplay. In some countries, he or she can also be referred to as a music compiler for the radio station.

Remuneration Outlook:
$25,000 to $95,000+

Radio DJ (DJ)  On Air Personality, Radio Personality, DJ

Job Description:
a Radio Co-host, a Radio DJ, or a radio personality is one who is professionally trained in a broadcast environment. Core duties are playing music on-air and discussing music, news, or other subjects during the breaks between songs. A fun job for many who find themselves in this field.

Remuneration Outlook:

Tour Manager or Road Manager, Concert Tour Manager

Job Description: 
Tours for musicians are hectic and can be a very grueling exercise. The tour manager is a highly skillful person with great expertise in working under enormous pressure. Tour Manager manages transportation, scheduling, and the financial aspects of an artist’s time on the road.

Remuneration Ranges: $25,000-$125,000

Stage Manager (SM)

Job Description: 
A Stage Manager makes sure the day-to-day operations of a concert hall or other musical venue run smoothly. The stage manager could work very closely with the tour manager to ensure the entire tour experience is perfect and one to remember.

Salary Ranges: $24,000-$75,000

Sound Technician aka, Resident Sound Technician, Audio Technician, Live Sound Engineer, Sound Person

Job Description:
The entire sound set up for a concert is in the hand of this music professional. The sound technician ensures proper sound installations, monitors sound or audio quality, and uses a soundboard and other sound equipment during concerts or performances, ensuring that levels are correct and the sound mix is right.

Salary Ranges: $60,000 to $120,000+

Booking Agent or Booking Manager, Agent, Booking Representative

Job Description: 
Booking Agents negotiate deals and plan tours for the artists on their roster. The booking agent is the ultimate link between the artist/band and the show promoter or clients interested in booking the artist for performance.

Salary Ranges: $20,000 to $1,000,000+ per annum

Concert Promoter or Talent Promoter, Promoter

Job Description: 
Concert Promoters is one of the most popular and exclusive Job Opportunities in the Music Business to date. It requires maximum skills to organize shows by booking talent, securing venues, and marketing their events. Concert promoters are key factors in the performance aspect of the artist’s music career. The Concert promoter works closely with the artist’s booking agent to secure the services of the artist.

Salary Ranges:  $0 to $1,000,000+

the morgeez online magazine
Artist Public Relations Team

Publicist or Press Agent, PR Person, Staff Publicist

Job Description: 
A HIGHLY skillful personality in public relations with a great understanding of how media outreach works. The Publicist creates press kits, writes press releases, and contacts the media to secure coverage for artists and albums.

Salary Range: $25,000 to $150,000+ per annum

Music Journalist or Writer, Journalist, Reporter, Music Critic

Job Description: 
The Music Journalist is a special journalistic professional that centers around music activities from production to finish; from touring to releases, the journalist writes music criticism and music news for print, online, and broadcast media.

Salary Ranges: $15,000-$30,000+

Just like any other industry, the music business is a well-oiled one with a vast amount of career opportunities. The above are just some of the opportunities, but they are the core ones. Within each of these opportunities lies others in the value chain. Now that you have an idea of these core, you can be informed to take up a career in the business of music as often referred to as the music industry.

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Please also note that most of these jobs are professional jobs and require a minimum level of education qualification to crack.



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