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    Morgeez posted in the group Musicians

    4 months, 1 week ago

    What’s up Gz,
    Happy new week.
    So what’s your plan to push your talent this week?
    Where do you wanna see yourself this week?
    Not to worry, the Talent casting for Representation auditions starts today.
    Simply book your time and day ASAP. It’s totally free for you the Community Members.
    Come perform in front of the camera to be directed by us, to help you determine your level of marketability and how to improve your performance.

    Then eventually get signed up to Morgeez Artists Management. This is for all talents including music artists, actors, comedians, MCs, voiceover artists, and others.
    See the below link for full information. You may share links with other talents to help them as well..:

    Talent Auditions | Casting for Representation

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