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Opportunity for Free Radio Interview for Artists

This is a special announcement to all urban musicians including hip-hop, rnb, afro beats, amapiano, rap music and other urban artists to make urgent submissions for considerations to be included in the Morgeez Radom Radio Interview program. This program is a special offering by Morgeez Radio as a contribution to the career of independent artists worldwide as this is a global opportunity call. Wherever you are in the world, as long your music is urban, you are invited. What is the Artists requirement for consideration? Basically, there are no stringent strings attached to this offering. The artist only needs to…

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How to Apply to a Model Agency and Become Successful

You are eager to join a model agency. You are a model, or an aspiring model per se’ and you have decided to take your modeling career seriously. What would be your first line of action? What would you do to try to get yourself into an industry that you are so much passionate about? Who are the first set of people or firms you would like to turn to for some initial advice? How and what would you put together to get started on the right note? These are Seemingly easy questions to meditate about but are the most…

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Who Really Owns a Music Masters Copy Rights?

When tracing who should rightfully own the rights of the music works, three major participants came to the fore. And all of them could well mean much to each other depend on the way you look at it. Now let’s have a quick look at music industries players fighting for supremacy when it comes to owning the Master Copy.- The author The Author of the musical works;Some will argue that the “author”, as the name implies should rightfully be the sole owner of the musical work.This is the creative engine that pieces together the concept now known as. musical work.…

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Criteria for Music Producer Contest

Music is a very vast industry and producers and production trends follows this vast patterns as well. Not to forget it’s ever changing nature. Hence the music producers contest criteria will guide you to understand what we are looking for. Since we are very specific about the types of producers we are able to work with in the hip hop rap and trap music industry. Having said this though, we recommend you put the below criteria into priority for considerations if you are entering the Morgeez Music Producer Contest: 1. Creativity 2. Originally 3. Software capabilities 4. Final Mixing competency…

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5 Reasons not to miss the Morgeez Voice Over Workshop

Okay, let me start like this, My name is Christopher Christopher Odiley, I am a certified training facilitator and founder of the Morgeez Group. Bam!!! that is that. Now, I have being in this industry for more than 20 years doing different bits of things. I mean the music industry, broadcast industry and performing art industry as a performer, producer, content creator and director and so on and so forth. Because of the intensity of this Voice Over Workshop, I really had to introduce myself just for some of ya’ll who hasn’t known me before. Thanks for hearing me and…

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