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9 Reasons to Engage the Services of an Artist Manager?

If as a musician, you have realized the importance of an artist manager and you have taken the big decision to find one, here's 9 reasons why you have to engage Morgeez Artists Management.

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Audition Scripts – Casting Calls

Here are the scripts for the various roles available on the “He’s not Ready” casting call. These scripts are for applicants only. Please do not share these scripts with anyone. Strictly confidential. Audition date: 26th Friday, August 2022 Time: 9am- 3pm Venue: Post a Venue Request on the Forum so we can inbox you Venue details Rachel Script Dorcas Script Vanessa Script Sbu Script Billy Thabo & Zonke Uncle Fat Cakes Mom NEWLY ADDED SCRIPTS Thabo and Uncle Percy Khutso Side VIEW ALL CHARACTERS BREAKDOWN: CHARACTER-BRIEF-INDIE FILM CASTING CALL Ensure to rehearse your chosen script thoroughly for excellent performance at…

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Opportunity for Free Radio Interview for Artists

This is a special announcement to all urban musicians including hip-hop, rnb, afro beats, amapiano, rap music and other urban artists to make urgent submissions for considerations to be included in the Morgeez Radom Radio Interview program. This program is a special offering by Morgeez Radio as a contribution to the career of independent artists worldwide as this is a global opportunity call. Wherever you are in the world, as long your music is urban, you are invited. What is the Artists requirement for consideration? Basically, there are no stringent strings attached to this offering. The artist only needs to…

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How to Apply to a Model Agency and Become Successful

You are eager to join a model agency. You are a model, or an aspiring model per se’ and you have decided to take your modeling career seriously. What would be your first line of action? What would you do to try to get yourself into an industry that you are so much passionate about? Who are the first set of people or firms you would like to turn to for some initial advice? How and what would you put together to get started on the right note? These are Seemingly easy questions to meditate about but are the most…

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How to Develop Your performance techniques

Making music is one thing and expressing the content of your music in contextual performance is another. Experience has shown that talents with great performance skills actually has more success than those without.

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