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Artistic Direction: Legacy Artist vs One Hit Wonder

In this context, making or breaking the musician could mean different things but we have to focus our attention towards longevity and opposite of that. So what is the diffrence between legacy artist and one hist wonder artist?

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Musicians Performance Technics – How to Develop a Great Performance Technics

What is performance technics? In today's workshop or class, we shall be dealing with the background of performance and how to create the performance techniques that enable our audience to cheer till the end of the show.

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Image Concepts for the Musician and Talent Diagnosis 

Diagnosing the talent of the musician to find a better way to appraoch it from the business and artistic point of view.

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Introduction to Music Business

Introduction to music business. A class developed by Morgeez Artists Development Program to help musicians understand the music industry as it relates to business, opportunities and how to excel in it.

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How to Apply to a Model Agency and Become Successful

You are eager to join a model agency. You are a model, or an aspiring model per se’ and you have decided to take your modeling career seriously. What would be your first line of action? What would you do to try to get yourself into an industry that you are so much passionate about? Who are the first set of people or firms you would like to turn to for some initial advice? How and what would you put together to get started on the right note? These are Seemingly easy questions to meditate about but are the most…

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