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Warri, Delta State



About Yourself

Christopher Odiley is a passionate man when it comes to the business of music. Having moved to Johannesburg, some 20 years ago, Mr. Christopher have never been doing nothing else but in the music business.



Democracy and anything associated with Human Rights Protection


Secular Christianity


Women Only


Sporting Activities

As a young man, soccer was one of the main and common sport, growing up. This is visible everywhere from school to the street. And Christopher never shied away as his dribbling skills were mostly depended upon by local team and college teams.Upon entering into High School, Christopher found love in Basketballs which he played through his secondary years. Although he couldn't grab any avenue for professional playing opportunity, but Basketball was his first love and huge sporting influence as a young man.

Music Activities

Having explained Christopher's love for active sports such as soccer and basketball, now lets look at Christopher as he discovered his musical talent at a very young age whilst still the village.Songwriting was a huge part of Christopher's growing up years. He had discovered his song writing skills and talent through writing poems as a young boy from the age of 9.In addition to early song writing talent and singing skills self-thought, Christopher will go ahead to continue his musical journey through out his secondary school years up to now. Chris developed the love for music at a very tender age and by age 9, he had already written his first poem. Since then, Chris love for writing musical lyrics in RnB, Pop and Rap music had kicked off none-stop. Chris, started recording Demos from around the age of 13 and hard started performing in local nite clubs around the oil city of Warri, Nigeria. By 1999, Chris had released his first official and self sponsored album project under the Morgeez Brand, a company he registered both in Nigeria and South Africa respectively. From the year 2002 when Chris journeyed into South Africa, to date, Christ has expanded his musical career. Dropped the album Frontline, in 2012 under Morgeez Records. And started getting involved in talent development programs to talent management. Which by now has seen the establishment of many portals such as this one and also scouting opportunities for talents across the board; including, music artists, voiceover artists, actors, models and others.


Highest Education

A Graduate of Egini Grammar School in Udu GLA



Country and City

Nigeria, Warri

Extra Activities

Christopher was very much involved in the performing arts from his early years as a young man, all the way from Egiegi Primary through to his Secondary School years. Christopher was highly involved in Dramatic performances and competitions, music including song writing and dancing performances.

About Me

Christopher Odiley

I am the Man in the Mirror

I am the Founder and Executive Producer at Morgeez Records and  Creative Director at Morgeez Media Agency.

I have been an artist since my elementary school days and I have been in the music business since 1998.

I was a recording artist and music producer, which in fact, I still am.

more info coming soon...


Film Producer


Artists Manager

And extraordinary artists manager with massive experience in the music and entertainment industry.

Music Consulting

Developing music artists thgrough a special consultancy session

Music Production

Producer and production coordination for music projects

Contents Creator

Original contents creator for Morgeez Media Agency

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