Morgeez Music Distribution Service | Now Live

Morgeez launches its own Music Streaming Service aimed to helping independent artists with music distribution and promotion

It has been a long road to thread but finally, we are happy to inform you that the Morgeez Music Streaming Service is now Live.

For the musicians and independent record labels, the good news is that, Morgeez Music is a dedicated portal for music promotion, music distribution and music streaming service which will help Morgeez fulfil its obligation to the independent artist, artist manager, promoter, and distributor of musical works in the most transparent manner like no other.

. Ensure to signup, Request Artist Verification, so you can become Verified, then upload your music.

Thereafter, we can assist you with some promotion. Secondly , we can add you to the Morgeez Artist Booking Agency Roster and also get playlisted on Morgeez Radio.

If you have any question or need assistance, feel free to post on the Community Forum and we will respond urgently.

Please note that what you can do with Morgeez and achieve with Morgeez is endless list of music business activities. So be active and be engaging. Don’t just sit aside and watch. Welcome to the Morgeez Community for Talent.


The Morgeez Community Center for Talents is a portal dedicated to the scouting, development, and promotion of talents for various opportunities.

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