Requirements For Artists Looking for Manager

What materials do music artists need to have to be admitted into the MOrgeez Artists Management roster? Find out now...

The very first step towards building a successful career as an upcoming artist is securing the services of a knowledgeable artist manager. If you are an up & coming artist looking for a manager. Or if you are relatively experience, this article is created to assist you put things together.  Ensure you have the following items ready before applying for the services of a professional artist manager:

10 Requirements of Artists Management

  1. A mixtape or Album well recorded, mixed, and mastered with commercial or radio quality.
  2. Information of your recorded tracks including producer, songwriters, recording studios, year of release, etc.
  3. Artwork for EP or Album cover
  4. Artwork for Tracks
  5. If already released, provide a list of stores where its available and other necessary release information
  6. Note that if not yet released, you may get in contact with the Morgeez Music Distribution department for distribution.
  7. You must have professional Artists’ Profile Photos. Note, if you haven’t done acceptable artist profile photos as yet, you may arrange with the Morgeez Photo Studios team for a professional artist photoshoot
  8. Finally, your artist biography: if you have no biography as yet, you may consult Morgeez Contents creators.
  9. Make sure your profile has all the correct information together with your work.
  10. A final reminder, you must add your music video or performance video, your profile information, professional artistic photos, then your music artworks.

Note the above are some of the many items required for an effective enrollment. But these are not all. Your artist manager may require even more. The onus is on you to work with your manager to get things organized.

If you are looking for an artist manager with all the necessary tools and experience to guide your career the right way, we recommend you click here now.

How to Enroll into Morgeez Artist Management 

If you are considering enrolment into Morgeez Artist Management, the materials required for artist management must be submitted to the Morgeez Support Desk. Click here to access the submission form.

Note that without complete information, there’s no way you can be accepted for management. Our advice is that if you don’t know exactly what to do, simply book our actors and musicians consulting session so you can meet one of our consultants face to face or through video call for professional advice on the way forward. Click here to book now.


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