Who Really Owns a Music Masters Copy Rights?

When tracing who should rightfully own the rights of the music works, three major participants came to the fore. And all of them could well mean much to each other depend on the way you look at it.

Now let’s have a quick look at music industries players fighting for supremacy when it comes to owning the Master Copy.-

The author

The Author of the musical works;
Some will argue that the “author”, as the name implies should rightfully be the sole owner of the musical work.
This is the creative engine that pieces together the concept now known as. musical work. They started all this and created the original blueprint upon which a musical work piece will emanate. But does their creativity alone guaranteed then the full right to the Master Copy?

This question has ripped through the heart and soul of the music industry for so many years and many have landed in many civil litigation. Even as record labels and artists lock horns over the original ownership of their works, writers on the other hand have not sit aside to watch the drama as they, too, are claiming 100% ownership. This is a crucial topic. Read on…

  The Producers

Bottom line is that without the. creative works of the production team, the written contents cannot be translated into a piece of musical excellence. But should this give the music producer, top priority when it comes the question of ownership of the Masters?

The producers of the contents written by the authors have re-created an art from the authored words or lyrics now fusing all the other elements that turn the authored works into a compound of activities to be known as music. Shouldn’t they be the owner of the works? Lets find the answer at the Morgeez Music Consulting Session. Book a one on one now

 The Sponsor

This is the investor that put in the money where their mouth is. They took money from whichever source imaginable and poured it into the production of the authored work. They paid for every aspect of production through to marketing and release. Of which we know that without the financial aid, there will be no musical work in the first place.

In a nutshell, the above scenarios paints a vivid picture of the various stretch of unavoidable inclusive responsibilities that makes the music we enjoy. Now the question is, who should own the exclusive right to the master recordings?

There will be various school of thoughts on this. Very recently, we have seen musicians crying foul and demanding full ownership of their music.  But, are they forgetting the journey and process of making the music? This is a great concern in the music industry.

Personally, I will agree that full ownership is possible if you are the musician, who is do the author, then, at the same time, the financier of the music production process. Then you will be crown the owner with 100% Right. Is this even possible in the first place? Lets find out at the Morgeez Music Consulting session.

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