The Winner Prize at Music Producers Contest

The Morgeez Music producer contest prize is a career changing opportunity for the rest of your life as a music producer. This is the interesting part. The motive of the Music Producer Contest at Morgeez Records in the first place, is to develop your talent to full potential and get your talent polished to elevate your career to an economically sustainable one.. The below illustrates the prize or benefits for producers who win the contest :

  1. A producer retainer contract with Morgeez Records
  2. A producer contract as per any project produced.
  3. A long term commission income stream per project.
  4. Commission based income as opposed to once off payment on your projects.
  5. Commission based income defined as in royalty payments just like artists earnings.
  6. Producers are mentored properly with aim to fully equip them with complete music industry knowledge as it relates to production.
  7. A full packaged music creator contract to be signed with Morgeez Artists Management to give your career a proper boost.
  8. A music licensing contract for your beats and other music created by you.
  9. Full access to the Morgeez Recording studios for your music creation.

The above are prizes to be handed to winning producer. They are guaranteed prize that gives your career as a music producer, a professional head-start.


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