Next Step For Talents After a Screentest Exercise

This is a fair question. After the grueling exercises that comes with the screentest processes, after the back and forth takes and retakes of routine practices while trying to explore a talent’s skills and character. What’s next when its all said and done?

The answer is that simple but its not just what you can pick-it-up exactly. This is because, its not a loaf of bread which you know its background and its original usage, standard taste and when when exactly you need it. This is way more than that. The question of what’s next after a screen test would depend on individuals and their outcomes. However, let me say this, there are two variant responses of which one is for the talents themselves and the other is for the agency.

What’s in for the Agency After a Screentest?

While the agency organizes and executes the screentest, the main purpose for this should not be forgotten:

  1. To scout the talents that are competent and capable of producing results in their respective disciplines
  2. To enroll into the agency, competent talents that are naturally gifted or trained, that can project a positive outcome for which, the agency uses screentest as a professional tool for talent scouting.
  3. Opportunity for the agency to know its artists or talents from day one, as they look forward to signing an agency/talent contract.

The above and many other factors will determine the kind of response when asked from agency point of view, after the screentest, what’s next?

What’s Next? From Talents Points of View – After the Screentest,

In a similar vein with the agency, from the talents or artists point of view, there’s a huge expectation “of course”. All talents wants to see themselves up there wherever they feel they belong. And again, that’s why they invested their time and entry fees to partake. Obviously, nobody wants to invest anything into anything and fail.

The below can be considered as direct outcome or projected outcome after the screentest exercise depending on the character:

  1. A talent management contract with Morgeez Talent Agency
  2. A professional pre- contract consultation
  3. A a marketing plan or a promotional plan for the talent to be unveiled depending on status of report
  4. A mentorship class (optional though) can be started depending on the outcome and talent’s desire as well
  5. Of Couse, management contract entails, bookings and representation and other standard features of an artist or talent management contract.

The list might go on but the above justifies your reason for partaking a professional screentest for your career as an entry level performer with big dreams. By-n-large, the screentest is your gateway for entrant into the massive entertainment and performing arts industry.

Note that the screentest concept is developed by Morgeez Talent Agency exclusively.

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