Audition Scripts – Casting Calls

film auditions - atlas studiios

Here are the scripts for the various roles available on the “He’s not Ready” casting call. These scripts are for applicants only. Please do not share these scripts with anyone. Strictly confidential. Audition date: 26th Friday, August 2022 Time: 9am-…

Opportunity for Free Radio Interview for Artists

online radio interview for the artist

This is a special announcement to all urban musicians including hip-hop, rnb, afro beats, amapiano, rap music and other urban artists to make urgent submissions for considerations to be included in the Morgeez Radom Radio Interview program. This program is…

Criteria for Music Producer Contest

music producers contest criteria

Music is a very vast industry and producers and production trends follows this vast patterns as well. Not to forget it’s ever changing nature. Hence the music producers contest criteria will guide you to understand what we are looking for.…