What Rap Battles Can Contribute to Your Music Career As a Young Rapper

Rap Battles are formidable competition based on talent development structures aimed at building your character and nurturing your talent to full potential as a young rapper or trapper or poet etc..

Just like many sporting codes with training and talent development platforms, so also music industry with all its challenges have certain platforms designed or designated for the same purpose of talent development and most of all elevation of the music industry in general. And one of those platforms is rap battles.

An Overview of Talents Competitions

Widely understood, is that any industry without competitive platforms is as dead as “no industry” at all. This is key to the understanding that any industry that cannot produce quality goods, is simply referred to as “no good“. This is the backdrop of the fact that there have to be talent development structures well placed to encourage youth involvement, mentoring processes, and most of all platforms that can assist and encourage proper development that in-turn, produces great talents that can generate a sustainable industry.

Measuring the Success of Rap Battles in the Music Industry

Quite frankly, I don’t wanna be too professionally correct, but lessons learned over the years since the birth of early hip hop music is that most successful rappers had one way or the other, been entangled in series of rap battles in their early years as rappers.

Naming the megastars of hip-hop or rap music of the past or the ones of today and looking at the future, there’s a clear indication of the influence of rap battles in their careers. Names like Jay-Z, Tupac, DMX Eve, Nikki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, Eminem to all the big names you must have heard of, all started through the battling process.

Specific Gains of Rap Battles Competition

This article will not be complete without actually pointing out some specific gains generated by rap battles competitions over the years. Among the many, here are a few:

  1. Beyond the excitement and opportunity to play hard with other rappers, this platform builds your confidence as a rapper.
  2. Sharpens your IQ and intellectual ability when it comes to self-composure, motivation, and performance technics
  3. Freestyling segments enable you to be more spontaneously creative in your vocal delivery during performances. Speaking of performances, rap battles will give you that edge as it helps you build a high impact and entertaining performance technics.
  4. Develop your verse when it comes to writing skills. Through rap battles, the writing exercises or segments will develop your verse or songwriting ability to a more acceptable standard in rap music.
  5. Build your performance stamina, and make you a great showman as combat with fellow contestants helps build your breath control and power required for stage performances.
  6. Skills are one of the most crucial elements in the rap music or hip-hop music industry. Rap battles will equip you with various skills as necessary in this industry.
  7. Ability to deal with performance pressure. This is a very crucial endowment that can be highly developed through rap battles. When pressure creeps in during your performances in your artistic careers as you move up the ladder, you are better prepared to handle such during your live performances due to your encounter with this kind of performance pressure during your rap battle days.

Reality Check on Rap Battles Competitions

In a nutshell, Rap battles are, if not the most dominants factor in the lives of the young rapper or hip hop artist who is looking forward to cracking an industry that is highly populated and yet dependent on maximum talent combined with skills to survive.

Therefore, it is crucial for young rappers, trappers, or any brand of hip-hop music artist to take rap battles seriously. This is the only platform you have that can mold your career to become an all-rounder. Take the initiatives once you see one and be actively involved in any rap battle. This will surely benefit you in the long run.

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