Early Record Deal or Basic Training in Music Business | What’s First Priority?

Would you prefer to sign an early recording contract or would you prefer to acquire some music industry knowledge first?

The upcoming artist is caught up in the web of music industry oblivion. The right decision to take to propel a better take-off in music career is as mysterious as the industry itself. Hence the upcoming artist has often found himself in the middle of a bridge between premature record deals.

Choosing the Right Path in the Music Industry

The music industry is without a doubt, one of the most attractive industry to the general population of young people around the world. Younger teenagers of any gender would want to choose music as a career with hope that this would elevate their status just like their perceived idols, they watch on tv.

The love and zeal to make it in the music industry would require tough decisions to be made. This is where most young people have the personal ordeal of either choosing to chase after premature recording deals,

Either way, one looks at it, choosing the right path in any industry is always a daunting task to detect. Hence the priorities must be set right and gotten right from the get-go through a special music artist consultancy session.

What is Prematur Record Deals?

Music industry is laced with different types of contracts. Some of the contracts, if well understood, are by themselves educational in reality. But the idea of having to sign such contracts without the knowledge of their applicable practices, are what I called: “Premature Contracts”.

In perspective, premature contracts means, the process of an artist signing a contract that they are barely matured enough to follow its principles or knowledgeable enough to understand its terms, conditions and imminent repercussions upon breach.

Choosing Premature Record Deals Over Minimum Education in Music Business

This type of scenario is predominant with younger artists or even some older artists who probably are ignorant of the fact that knowledge is power. #knowledgeispower

When you are the type of artist who is desperate to make a name for yourself in an industry like music that has so many streams of opportunities but covered with lots of contractual agreements, you are bound to fall into the category of those who sign “premature record deals”

There’s nothing wrong, in dreaming and pursing your dreams with all vigor. The bottom line is that, you mayn’t have just been knowledgeable enough, just quite yet. This is the situation you will find yourself if you lack the ability to understand how things works.

Choosing Minimum Education Over Premature Record Deals

There’s no prize to knowledge and wisdom is the brainchild of knowledge and basically not available for sale in the marketplace. But the process of acquiring this knowledge that will grant you the wisdom to manage a situation like a pro or an elite, is what we refer to as education. And “education” is an obtainable exercise through a training process. And this is paramount in the success of any individual chasing any career path.

The above painted picture is the reason why the music artist would appreciate knowledge. The point am trying to make here is that, young artists or anyone for that matter deciding to go into the music industry as an artist, should or must have basic knowledge of how things works before signing any record deals.

Advantage of Being Knowledgeable in Music Business or Music Industry

I cannot over emphasize the adage: “Knowledge is Power” enough. As mentioned earlier, the music business is controlled by series of contracts and agreements left and right, front and back and center. So it is to the advantage of the young music artist to have knowledge of these contracts and what they really mean.

Only the artist with minimum training or education about music business can have this basic knowledge. Please do understand the importance of reference to the term: “Basic” here. This means you are not forced to chase a university degree in music business before coming back to chase your music dream. This is basic knowledge that you can acquire from various sources including both formal and informal sources as long you are committed to it.

Once you have these knowledge, you are able to propel your music career in the right direction towards greatness and longevity.

How do One Acquire These Knowledges in Music Business?

The source of acquiring basic knowledge in music industry is numerous. If you are able to chase a university degree, that is quite fantastic as you will be able to have a very much broader opportunity in the music industry than those who didn’t have this kind of high level education. However, music business trainings are offered through other means such as:

  • Mentorship by more experienced musicians or music industry managers
  • Music Business Workshops such as organized by Morgeez Mentorship Programs
  • One on one mentoring classes in talent development by experienced music industry personals
  • You can take up certified short courses in some colleges as per your country’s legal educational framework.

The list is endless. Bottom-line is that you are able to pursue some form of training that can help you step up to challenges of the music industry. But don’t forget though that “there’s no end to education”; so the more you seek to know, the more knowledge you will surely acquire.

For your talent assessment and recommendation on the right place for you to start, book a special music artist or talent consultancy session now. Remember to share this article and let’s help others too. Leave your comments below as your input or opinion counts.


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