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Morgeez Talent Agency Introduces Back to the Future Auditions. A talent casting and audition program aimed at scouting outstanding new talents for the agency.

Morgeez is now offering various talents the opportunity to join the agency for real professional talent management through a talent search program. This is what we call, “Back to the Future” Audition Series. Working tirelessly to put your talent to effective use. This is what the sole mandate and responsibility of the “Back to The Future” audition series is all about. Its about absolute talent scouting that makes all the sense in the world..

MISSION – Scouting the Superstars of Tomorrow, Today

We made our intention clear right from the beginning of the establishment of the Morgeez Talent Agency as an Entity under Mor’geez Records. the “Back to the Future” Project is Talent Scouting division task with discovering raw and “fresh” talents. We pursue this mission with detail attention it so much deserves. Hence we apply intensive and professional auditioning procedure to discover hidden talents through regular casting calls and auditions.

THE VISION – Developing the Talents Through Practical Gains

The Morgeez talent auditioning and talent casting process, culminate in admission of exceptional talents into the agency. Then subsequent production of creative visuals that forms part of the talent development process.

After a proper and professional auditioning, talents are workshopped and immediately put to action by participating in actual production processes of real audio or visual projects that will directly and immediately impact their career.

Benefit of Back to The Future Audition Series

The “”Back to the Future” auditions in a nutshell, can simply be defined as a special talent scouting and talent development project by Morgeez Talent Agency with special focus on scouting, grooming and putting the talent to work.

This means that all talent that has being scouted at the Morgeez “Back to the Future” Audition Series will automatically be listed into the Morgeez Talent Agency pool of stars. This is the opportunity pot from which and where every talent will depend on. Every creative opportunity will be opened to you, as you will be involved in the production of various audio and visual projects within the company operations both as a talent/performer and crew. A pure developmental strategy for all talents on the Morgeez roaster.

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