A Voiceover Training Workshop Not to be Missed

Okay, let me start like this, My name is Christopher Christopher Odiley, I am a certified training facilitator and founder of the Morgeez Group. Bam!!! that is that.

Now, I have being in this industry for more than 20 years doing different bits of things. I mean the music industry, broadcast industry and performing art industry as a producer, songwriter, performer, content creator, director and so on and so forth. Because of the intensity of this Voice Over Workshop, I really had to introduce myself just for some of ya’ll who hasn’t known me before. Thanks for hearing me and my jargon out. lol.

Now let’s talk about this all important Voice – Over Workshop that I had called, #findyourvoice.

But why? why am I putting up a voice-over workshop? what does this mean? and what do I really hope to achieve with this? Damn! Even as am typing, am even getting scared of these questions and the answers they may produce. But, alas! there’s a huge joy in my heart as I processed the information that I’m about to share with you right here, and… right there at the workshop if you are the type that value knowledge sharing. Obviously you should after-all. LAUGHS!

Alright! enough of the play, without further ado, lets get to the 5 awesome reasons why you should not miss the Morgeez Voice-Over Workshop:

  1. Vocal Exercise:

As a voice over artist, singer, actor, MC or anyone who uses their voice in so many other ways to make a living, caring for this voice is a compulsory task. Most people forget that using your voice on a professional level requires special techniques as the trade you plies may implies. So, just like soccer players, basketball players or any other physical sports, regular training sessions with specific techniques are required to help you reach potentials when it comes to delivery of professional vocals. And I have some great Technics to teach you. Technics that can help you #findyourvoice

 2. Scripts Introduction

I know, as I mentioned scripts, some of you already saying, “what!” “But I know all of that, I even right scripts”. LOL. Now the act of understanding scripts for the various reasons or purposes that were being created is actually the beginning of a great career in the performing art, broadcast and entertainment industry.  And I will show you what this mean to your career as a singer, voice-over artist, MC, motivational speaker, presenter, rappers and others.

  3. Presenting Rehearsals

Even in life, there’s a saying “Presentation Matters”. This is a common saying that applies to everyday life and we all know it. So, in our industry, whether in a song, poem, news piece, doccie, voice acting for narrations etc, there’s the need to know the proper presentation approach that is required. And we are going to fish them all out at the Morgeez Voice Over Workshop

4. Reading Techniques

So, I initially thought of combining these two (presenting and reading) as one point but as i delve into details of each one of them, I realize that they are different and requires different technical approach. And I will show you, how to present and how to read the required script separately, at the workshop.

5. Professional Voicing Practice

So, after we have looked through the above 4 points, and acquire some knowledge about them, now its time to put them to practice. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect” right? but you could only practice what you had learned and that’s another fact. So this time we practice to master everything we have learned.

Special Note on the Morgeez Voice Over Training Workshop:

The Morgeez Voiceover Training Workshop forms part of Morgeez Talent Development Program.

The workshop will take up to four weeks of very Saturday. The good thing is that, traing can be done via ZOOM if you are located in anywhere in the work or at the Morgeez Studios if you are in Johannesurg, South Africa.


Finally, there will be question and answer session to address each and everyone’s needs regarding your career. Most importantly, talents will be able to signup to Morgeez Talent Agency. That is if you are not currently under any other agency. In a nutshell, once you are a member of the Morgeez Talent Agency, you will be exposed to the very many opportunities that are abound in the industry and available to Morgeez. Alright. let’s go! Click here to book a voiceover training workshop.


The Morgeez Community Center for Talents is a portal dedicated to the scouting, development, and promotion of talents for various opportunities.

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