What are the role of the Artist Manager?

How important is the work of the Artist Manager?

Does every musician really needs a manager? Who is the artist manager? What are the roles of the artist manager in the life of the music artist? These are the primary questions to provide answers when dealing with the manager issue with regards to musicians or other performing talents in general.

The first question is about the knowledge of who a music artist manager or a talent manager really is. It is common knowledge that most indie or underground artists, can barely understand the role of a manager in their career due to financial burden, I supposed.

The most obvious thing to do, if you are an indie artist, is to first of all identify the need for an extra helping hand while trying to push your music career to the next level. Remember, your creative assignment which is your primary duties as an artist. So, if combining the other external duties outside of your creative prowess is putting a strain on your career, then you surely needs someone to help handle and take care of the business side of your music. This includes someone with music industry passion and talent that centers around the business of music which involves,

  1. Booking your gigs or managing your booking schedules;
  2. Negotiating performance deals and fees
  3. Negotiating commercial deals and endorsements on your behalf
  4. Outsourcing other forms of partnerships that are duly beneficial to your music career., among many other duties.
  5. Playing special advisory role in helping to package an artist as a marketable brand.

Okay, now, having taken a look at who the manager really is and what role they are able to perform in the advancement of your career as a musician, then, its time to do self-retrospection as an artist. Because most artist management companies or individual artists manager has various criteria of accepting an artist into their books for management duties, the onus is on the artist to fully understand the industry and have a proper clue of what is really required of them. Among the very many requirements for an artist to win the sympathy of a talent manager, here are a few:

  1. Artist must have recorded couple of songs compiled into albums or mix-tapes. Of-course this is why you are an artist anyway.
  2. Artist biography. This is a very crucial but highly undermined element of the artist music career. A biography is a mere but well/honestly crafted document that tells your journey so-far as an artist.
  3. Biopic. As the name suggests, biopic are a collection of photographs depicting your music career from when it all get started to date. Or at least over a period of time. This is to enable your application have substance as a musician who has being around a bit even if not that long.
  4. Your music video. At least one music video but in most cases, some managers wouldn’t mind having you without a music video as most indie managers would love to actually be around when a music video is being developed to post production.
  5. A press kit is another key element to have as an artist when looking or seeking the attention of someone to help you out in your music career as a manager.

In a nutshell, these are just some of the many reasons why a professional artist manager or artist management company will or may open their doors for you as an indie artist. I hope this is clear enough for understanding?

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