Why Family Support is All the Musician Needs

The Music Artist or the Recording Artist or the Performing Artist is quite an interesting title for the musician to bear. But the burden or strains it put on the psychological well being of the individual is beyond the ordinary. The artist is often admired all round, respected, adored and forgotten. Lol.

Why Family Support for the Music Artist is Compulsory

The career of the musician or the artist, will be laced with initial struggles of identity and platform to perform. But once this phase is over and the artist is able to identify with his musical ingenuity, and the fans keep pouring in like the rain and the fame keep spreading like wild fire, then everything would change and the artist will even be treated like a demigod by some. The feeling of status creeps in. The VIP session associations keep swelling up. Untouchable sense of belonging keep enveloping a once humbled, innocent soul.

When the journey of the artist is now at the peek or at a point where fame and everything-else including love for women, lust for jewelries and fancy cars, greed for more money, money has taken over, then a colossal bridge is already trembling. Please forgive my language, I don’t normally want to use these fancy words but I have no choice in this circumstance.

The position of the musician or artist in what seems a dial situation of loose-control, would appear like a fun and indeed funny to some of the fanatics and hangers-on. Speaking on hangers-on, it is no secret that artists or musicians with a blossoming career, always get stacked with dozens of these people who are also yes-men. These group of people never sees anything wrong with whatever you do as long as you are still performing, making money, your albums still topping the chart and most of all they can still feed off your sweat.

Separating the Family Role in the Life of the Artist

As the saying goes “you can never grow up to your mother”, so it is quite clear that no one human being can be larger than the family that raised him or her. This is the ultimate role of the family in the life of the artist. The ones with the audacity to quell your social misdemeanor. The ones to call a spade a spade. The ones to refresh your memories of the journey you’ve being through and what lies ahead. Family, yes, oh yes, I mean real family.

Although some family are also quick to join the bandwagon of the fakes and snitches but it is quite on a rare occasion.

Having identify the role of the family, one will be quick to assume that only your mother, father, brothers and sisters can perform those duties. Behold, nay! there are other kind of people in your life who love you enough to stick their neck out via their actions towards you, as true family. These could be a caring opposite sex with whom you have an affectionate relationship with, this could be wife, husband, close friend, in most cases childhood friend. These class are able to show you the picture of reality whenever they perceived you straying away from reality.

The Judgement will be Upon the Artist Though to Realize the Bigger Picture

It is no-more a secret that the artists or musicians, after enjoying a blasting world of fame, fortune and power at some point would be loved, adored and forgotten quickly once there’s a slight “slip”. Then, this is when the family bond as stated above comes to play.

If the artist or musician is able to make the right call, his ultimate judgement would be to relocate with immediate effect to his family root. That is, if he had made the common mistake of disrespecting them earlier in the booming days. “No Family will ever disown you” as they said and that’s a fact proven time and time again. Where ever the tide turns and you are able to locate your root, you will definitely be accepted.

At The End of The Tunnel

Family support is immeasurable and no amount of money is able to buy this bond over.Artists or musicians with family support from the beginning of their career, have always being proven to be the ones who are well grounded. Being grounded I mean the ones who had stayed humbled and most of all remain relevant with the longest career life span. So, dear artists, keep your family closer while you push off the fakers and snitches with the very longest stick so, you can be a responsible musician. And most importantly, you can help create a more respectful music industry. Peace ! Love Y’all.

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